No More Missing Socks!

Yesterday I read a post about lost socks which led me to share with you, we have sock troubles.

  • Two go in to the washing machine but only one comes out.
  • One sock goes in, one comes out and you’re left puzzled (DH discovers a whole in one sock so he throws it out and puts only one in the wash)
  • Sock matching is an all day event once the laundry is clean.
  • Your sock drawer is a disaster and finding two to match in the morning is an incredible feat.
  • Your socks are stretched out because you roll them together in an attempt to keep order in your sock drawer.
  • Your husband wears a blue sock and a black sock because differentiating between the two is difficult.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios? I’m sure there are more than a few of you nodding your head or chuckling to yourself!

A few years back, following a link from a blog I was reading, I discovered Sock Cops. Intrigued and a teeny bit skeptical, I ordered two packages.

I immediately opened the package and began clipping socks together. DH’s socks were color coded with Navy socks clipped with blue clips, black socks clipped with red clips and so on. This helps him differentiate between the navy and black socks easily.

DH’s sock drawer is nice and organized now. It’s easy for him to find his socks because the socks are clipped together so no looking for a match.

When he removes them at the end of the day, he puts the clips back on and into the laundry they go. I wash and dry them with the clips on and into the drawer they go. This makes putting socks away a breeze and even my little tots can help!

And if DH only puts one in the wash because he threw a hole-y one away, I can easily spot it, put it in a basket to find a mate the next time DH has a hole-y sock.

Now if you don’t want to invest in Sock Cops, I bet that a clothespin or even safety pins would accomplish the same thing.

I’ve been using this system for our family for several years and have been delighted with how well it works for us and what a breeze it is. It does require husband cooperation though. Also, none of the clips have broken etc. They stand up extremely well.

I would also like to say that this post was in no way sponsored. I bought these clips long before I even became a blogger 🙂 But if Sock Cop is reading this and wants to send me some more and maybe do a review, I certainly wouldn’t decline the opportunity!

What’s your biggest laundry challenge? What do you do about missing socks?

  • This post links to Works for Me Wednesday. (and no this isn’t really a product review…it just kind of seems like one I guess)


  1. Each of my children has a large mesh zippered lingerie bag. Each night they put their socks in the bag. Come laundry day, the bag is zipped, washed and dried… each bag is then handed back to the children to put their clean dry socks in their dressers

  2. Now that is some real genius! Chloe wears dresses almost every day so she is either barefoot or tights but that would be a great way to keep John’s little sockies all together and not lose them or have them eaten by the washer!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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