Mallory’s Legend on Etsy

I’d heard of Etsy but never really explored it before; turns out that I’ve been missing out. Maybe you have too? I was browsing through, looking at little girls clothing and I found Mallory’s Legend. Just look at these dresses! And purses, can you imagine anything cuter?!?

image image

image image

Aren’t these pictures stunning? Love the nature background!

Kristen shared with me the other day that Mallory’s Legend is her new found passion. She started getting the sewing bug a couple years ago but didn’t feel like she’d learned much while taking a month’s worth of group classes. A Florida native, two years ago Kristen moved to the West coast and decided that that she wanted to learn more.  Not being satisfied with what corporations were providing and charging and being unable to find anything made in America, Kristen began to make some cool dresses for her own. After making a few and receiving so many compliments while being out and about, she was completely (and understandably!) encouraged to start her own line. Less than 9 months later, here she is on Etsy, giving us the opportunity to purchase her gorgeous creations. 

I was over-the-moon excited that I will be able to review one of her adorable and versatile dresses and look forward to sharing with you.


So tell me, can you sew? Sadly, I have no talent in that area at all. Have you shopped Etsy before?


  1. Sew? Not even to save my life. Ok, I could sew on a button and a patch for Scouts, but that’s my limit. LOL Those creations are adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!


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