Tiny Tidbits Spring 2010

IMG_2834 Nana plays hockey with John

I don’t always get to writing as much down as I would like in their baby books. I thought I would {try} add a bi-monthly post, entitled Tiny Tidbits, to my site as a journal. Perhaps they will make you smile too. (I always loved the little stories in Readers Digest and now I have my own!)

Chloe: 3 years, 3 months, John: 20 months

We had just finished lunch at subway. I was putting the trash away when John headed towards behind the counter. Chloe grabbed him and yelled, “No John! They will cook you!”.

Chloe has all her dollies lined up. She’s playing school and she is the teacher. John walks by. Chloe asks him, “do you want to play school?”. “Yeth”, he replies. She directs him to sit beside her dollies. He doesn’t want to. She tells him he must obey because she is the teacher. He still says no. She tells him he has a bad “ad-dude” and that be must sit in time out. She is sad when he doesn’t obey.

Chloe was in time-out chattering away, hair in braided pigtails {a.k.a. bradies} swinging away, with one held close to her ear. I asked her to be quiet, there is no talking in time-out. She replied, “I’m just making a phone call on my braidies”.

We were out walking and Chloe was finding all sorts of “clues” for Nana; things like rocks, leaves and flowers. Nana carefully tucks each treasure into her pocket. John looks around, picks up something and hands it to Nana {who doesn’t take it} while Chloe yells, “John-John that’s stinky poopies”. Ewww!

After carefully working with Chloe to help her understand traffic lights {stop, go, slow down; be careful!}, today I turned right on red without thinking about it because it’s perfectly legal. Chloe immediately started shouting, “Oh, no, Mommy! It was red. Red is stop but you go-ed anyway. You need to stop and go at green.” I briefly tried to explain the “right on red” principle but finally {to put an end to the drama}, I simply said, “Sorry Chloe. Next time mommy will be more careful” to which Chloe replied, “I forgive you, Mommy”. No more rights on red until she’s old enough to understand! LOL

“Mom, what you tinking ‘bout?” to which I replied, “lots of things; what are you thinking about?” and Chloe replied, “’bout John touching things.” Hmm. Interesting the things she thinks about, especially since John is still fast asleep in bed.


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