The Perfect Un-Perfect Christmas

(The second photo and last photo in the series is of our Jesse tree)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am sitting here typing and mulling over how I have failed to accomplish everything I had hoped. Last year I sent out well over 100 Christmas cards (many  hand made!) with photos. This year I barely got the basics out and all without photos since I just got them today! My rug cleaner sits in the downstairs hall, needing to be put away after cleaning up the accident this morning (a whole other story!) and a million other little things weigh on my mind.

I don’t know why but I thought I would have my home perfectly in order and everything done to perfection before Christmas arrived. Why? I don’t know. I’m good with unrealistic expectations of myself.

Tomorrow evening we will spend with my family as we always do. Caroling, good food, opening one gift (which always turns out to be PJ’s)…and while we usually have it at my house because we have the most space, this year it is at moms. Just one of the changes we’re embracing this year. Christmas Day we usually have DH’s family but this year we are simply opening presents, going to church, baking a birthday cake (for Jesus) and having a quiet dinner with just our family. Boxing Day we are hoping to head to the zoo for their Christmas treats walk and then Pizza at Nana’s. Since her apartment is downstairs, we don’t have far to go. I share all of this to say simply that there isn’t any real reason that my house needs to be perfectly in order – and with littles it really never will be.

It got me thinking about how Mary must have felt. Giving birth to the Lord Jesus, her first born son, in a stable, far from home with no family support save Joseph. It probably wasn’t everything she had envisioned yet it was perfect; exactly how God had planned and envisioned it.

I’m heading to bed now for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow will dawn bright and early. I’ll get the essentials done and enjoy this time with my family. Though everything isn’t checked off the to-do list I had, it will be a perfect Christmas because we’re celebrating Jesus’ Birthday! I don’t need to be perfect because HE is!

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