Family Traditions: Embracing Change


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Years ago, when our family was experiencing some dramatic changes, my mother wrote this poem. As a young adult, almost out of my teens, I had dismissed it just mom’s ramblings (sorry mom!). But having come across it last week in my recipe box, I read it again; this time through the eyes of a grown daughter with children of my own and it suddenly had meaning for me.

In the beginning things were done, as we thought they ought to be.

Repeated twice they became, a part of our history.

Each year some change would  along, often very slight.

Another year we’d try a change, but it just wasn’t quite right.

Some changes did occur,that really caused a struggle.

At those times we’d weight the cost, to justify the trouble.

Often things could not be helped; the change had to be embraced.

Accept the change, repeat it twice, tradition now replaced.

Sometimes the change seemed threatening, uncomfortable at start.

Tradition roots run deep within; those memories of the heart.

Times in our lives we had to let go and tearfully move on,

Cherishing those special memories of times that are now gone.

Memories remembered, are added to the new,

For they are part of who we are and what we say or do.

Looking through the years of time tradition inevitably changes,

Yet history in the family continues through the ages.

Searching through the history to find what is the same,

Knowing it is precious; trying to find the name.

So many memories to ponder, and lovingly restore:

Good food, fun times and blessings so many times before.

The answer so apparent: it’s the Love of Christ you see!

Bigger than all traditions, He’s the bond in family!


This year we have several things that will be different. With my grandfather passing, my grandmother’s health, changes in relationships with siblings (especially since Keith is now in Australia!); there are so many things that won’t be done “like we always do it!” I don’t like change! But if I am to have joy, I need to embrace inevitable changes. Praise the Lord that HE never changes!


The Challenge? Embrace new traditions this year! What changes have you been resisting for the sake of tradition? Is there something that you need to stop resisting and embrace?


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  1. This really spoke to me today. It has been a hard day and I have to learn to let go and remember that my kids are hopefully going to remember the important things.

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