Chicken Journey: Roast Breast with Scrumptious Winter Veggies


So far we have learned How to Break Down a Chicken and we’ve roasted the backs, collected back meat for a future meal, saved drippings for gravy and saved the fat for some unknown use!

Today we roasted a couple of breasts and boy are they yummy!

Chopped potatoes, parsnips, onion and carrot and placed in pan with salt, pepper and rosemary. Then spoon some chicken fat onto the vegetables and spread it around (ooh, a chicken fat use! LOL) and cook for 45 minutes at 375 deg F. The add the breasts which are simply salt and peppered. Bake for approx 1 hour longer or until done. Let me tell you, the veggies are absolutely mouthwatering and the chicken is oh, so moist! Add a salad and some bread and you’re set to go!

Any left over meat makes for really wonderful sandwiches.

Surprisingly Simple and Delightfully Delicious!


  • This post was a joint effort by my DH who blogs at ebabble and of course me!
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    1. Oh this is a great meal. I bet all those vegetables really flavor the chicken

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