How Do I Know You Love Me?


Photo by Shanissinah

  • Grace
    • Unmerited favor
    • Giving me something I don’t deserve.
  • Mercy
    • Not giving me what I do deserve.
  • Unconditional Love
    • Accepted and cherished regardless of actions, attitudes, circumstances and behaviors.
  • Sacrifice
    • Of time
    • Of finances and things held dear
    • Of self
    • Of personal needs/desires.
  • Meeting Needs
    • Physical needs, making provision for
    • Emotional needs
  • Complete Forgiveness 
    • Deal head on with issues then move on
    • not continually bringing an issue up again once it has been dealt with
  • Protection
    • Physical Protection
    • Protection of the heart, feelings, spirit
    • Protection of reputation, keep family secrets

Love chooses to love regardless. It bestows grace and mercy. It sacrifices. It protects. It forgives and nurtures.

Love is so much more than words and for that, I am thankful!

This past week I’ve witnessed many reminders of just how much the Lord and my husband love me. I have never felt more loved than I do at this moment. I am truly blessed.

How do you know you’re loved?

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  1. Ah – the complete forgiveness is so hard! I hold grudges and keep bringing the past up – at least in my mind. I keep giving things over to God but then yank them right back! We are so blessed to have such a loving Savior who loved us before time.

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