December 1: The Good, Bad and Ugly

How cool that I caught a picture of them in the process of falling. Maybe I should have tried to grab the tray instead of getting the picture. LOL.

I always look forward to December 1st. My DH has a thing about nothing Christmas-y until December 1st. So it’s December 1st and I am psyched! We start the day by going out to Lowes and buying our Jesse Tree (more on that tomorrow). Then we came home, put on some Christmas music and made shortbread. I am constantly trying new recipes in search of the perfect shortbread according to DH. It hasn’t happened yet but this recipe for butter shortbread was pretty good. If you have a recipe for a buttery, slightly chewy shortbread, send it my way please!

Chloe was carrying her tray of cookies to the oven and I thought, “Oh, what a perfect picture” alas, right when I snapped, she dropped it. It did make a nice picture didn’t it? Despite the “oopsies”, we did manage to get cookies made.


Then while the littles were napping, I dug out our Christmas tree and decoration totes. Everything was set. When the littles get up, we’d start the decorating. Daddy would come home, see his littles and his wife all dressed in festive attire, smell the smell of freshly baked cookies and we would blissfully decorate while singing carols.

Well, the littles woke up and we started off the festivities with a candy cane. Then we started decorating. We unpacked the mistletoe and Chloe exclaimed, “Oh, a cabbage!”. LOL.

Right before the time I was expecting DH to walk in the door, Chloe suddenly declared, “Oh, no! Sorry ‘bout that.” I whipped my head around in panic. Turns out, she has diarrhea. I grabbed her and we raced through the hall to the bathroom. Of course, John is following behind, stepping in the trail that we’re leaving. I got her onto the toilet and grabbed John to remove his soiled footwear. I contained him in his highchair with yet another candy cane and cleaned Chloe up enough to get her up the stairs and into the bath. As we’re retracing our steps to head upstairs, Chloe is exclaiming with delight, “Look Mommy, I made tracks.” Yes, mommy knows!

I brought John upstairs and put Chloe in the bath. Then DH came home. He came home to a soiled floor and powder room, to a smelly home and it wasn’t the scent of cookies. I was so sad. I had planned the day perfectly and it wasn’t going the way it was supposed to.

Chloe got out of the bath and into pj’s. We finished decorating (though this year we are only putting up a fraction of the decorations – they are one and two after all!). We had dinner, read the story of Adam and Eve, put our first Jesse tree ornament up, ate our first advent chocolate and then the littles went to bed. That is where they are now. And I am here. But I’m going to bed too. It’s been a day! Oh, what memories 🙂

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  1. This sounds like my yesterday. I hope the rest of your month has been MUCH better. 🙂


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