Cupcake Days!

Well, this (again) wasn’t my intended post but this morning finds me in the kitchen baking 150 cupcakes for my order tomorrow. So this is kind of a live-blogging post. LOL.

IMG_0992 IMG_0993

What my cutie Chloe looks like right now. Like her apron? Flirty Aprons sent us matching mommy/daughter ones. Watch for a review/giveaway later this week 🙂


The ‘clean’ part of my kitchen right now LOL

It’s sunny out so I am hoping to complete our baking, get things ready for the homemade pizza party with my parents tonight and then head out to enjoy the sunshine.

I am so thankful for my cupcake orders! It brings in a much appreciated bit of income while allowing Chloe and I to do something we both enjoy: baking!

It is amazing the little “opportunities” that the Lord has brought into our lives to supplement (in part!) what I made working outside the home. He is good!


(last month’s cupcake order)


  1. Found you on Steady Mom. Wow, that's a lot of cupcakes! I'm impressed you can get so much accomplished with your little helper by your side. My "helpers" slow me down more than anything, so when I really want to get stuff done I have to wait until they're asleep or otherwise occupied.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you've found a way to express your creativity and passion as a SAHM and earn a little extra income. So many women struggle with this. By the way, my mouth is watering 😉

  3. The cupcakes look so yummy! Came over from Steady Mom and wondered if there is somewhere we can order some!

  4. You whip up 150 cupcakes at one time… good grief, my kids would love you forever!!! Very impressive AND you blog!!! Fun!!!

  5. Wow. Thank you everyone for commenting on how yummy they look. I have to admit, I do taste test a great deal and can assure you – they are! LOL
    My little helpers have been "helping" since before they could talk so they know the rules and most days they do really great. Nobody wants to be evicted from the fun 🙂

    Catherine, I'd love to send you some but alas, I live in southern Ontario so I'm not sure they would be very…umm…yummy by the time they made it to you LOL

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