Works for Me! Simple Home Made Cards

Chloe’s friend, Jaiden, had her birthday party on Saturday. This is her card. Chloe drew the Purple Birthday Penguin featured in the first photo (just in case you were wondering LOL). She also did most of the  gluing though I did the positioning 🙂

We seldom buy cards. I used to buy the ‘Home Made” type cards that came in a box at Costco but we no longer do that because we make our own. They look really cool too. I tried to find a picture of the Christmas cards we made last year but I guess I didn’t take a picture.

Anyway, last fall I stumbled across some quality linen card stock on ebay. The lots were 4000 linen paper envelopes, 2000 folding linen paper cards and 2000 flat announcement cards. Each lot started at 0.99. I watched it, bid last minute and won all three lots for 0.99/each. Shipping in the USA was very inexpensive but I live in Canada so it cost me $40.00. Still an amazing deal since it works out to A PENNY for both the card and envelope!  I think it was Pelican Paper Company.

Now I don’t scrap book as a hobby because I lack time, money as well as creativity. I did spend about $15 to buy stamp letters, an ink pad, a heart punch and some dollar store scrapbooking papers. Find that even the simplest things can look pretty amazing!

I have made some really, really cool cards that I was proud of but these are the only two cards I’ve ever taken pictures of. Too bad. For Jaiden’s card, I printed a handful of pictures at home on our printer but on John’s thank you card (because I sent out about 60+!), I little photos printed on a sheet at Costco. It was 1.19 per sheet of wallets and there was 16 or 18 per sheet. Still pretty economical I think! I cut them out and made the cards.

  • Check out Ebay for discontinued bulk cardstock or watch for sales at your local office supply store. Cardstock is awesome and lends a professional look to your home made card but you know, construction paper is effective too! Use whatever you have.


  • I also suggest investing a small amount in some basic tools to assist you in making a variety of cards. Walmart and Dollar Stores are usually cheaper than hobby/craft stores. Ebay is another great source. Try to pick items that will work for any kind of card.

So even if you aren’t really creative and don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still make your own fabulous cards! Handmade cards work for me!


The thank-you cards I sent out for John’s baby shower last year.


  1. Those are awesome! I'm jealous of your craftiness. I could have used your help when I was making wedding invitations! Too bad you live so far away!

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