What Finer Things Can You Give?

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I was at the grocery store with a sleepy baby and a cranky two year old. I stopped at one last store on the way home. I was fishing around in my wallet for a quarter so I could get a cart when a man came up and gave me the cart he was finished with. I was so thankful and grateful for that cart. It cost that nice man a quarter but I pray that the Lord blessed him because it was certainly a blessing to me. It made my day!

That evening I was back at the grocery store for buns for dinner. (We changed the menu plan to have a BBQ). All of the lines were long. I got into line behind the least longest line with my 4 buns. Wouldn’t you know it, the entire line let me and my buns go first!

These two little things were such a blessing to me. I immediately thought they would make a nice mention for Finer Things Friday! I mentioned yesterday in TUT, that I am working on being more thankful for every little blessing the Lord sends my way. Well, these were two of the first that He sent me last week. It prompted me to think about blessings that I can give to others, both friends and strangers, (that don’t cost a lot) so that they will see Christ through me!

Finer Things I Can Give:

  • My spot in line when they only have a handful of things.
  • A kind smile to friends and strangers alike.
  • A little (or big) wave.
  • A Word of Encouragement
  • A Note of Encouragement
  • A Friendly Hello
  • Respect
  • A Hug
  • A Listening Ear
  • Some baking or a prepared meal for shut-ins or those who aren’t feeling well.
  • My Time to run errands, lend a hand etc.
  • A night of babysitting
  • My thoughtfulness by opening the door for others and letting them go first.

Can you add to the list? Please Share!


  1. Patience is something I can give others…and it's definitely not free!

  2. Great list of things we can give. It's often easy to overlook the simple little things we can do to show love to others.
    A phone call to wish a happy birthday or anniversary is always nice.

  3. That's an excellent list. I'll be sharing garden produce soon… can't wait to GIVE! 🙂

  4. Great list! I love to do things like this. Paying for someone at drive thru or parking meter. 😀

  5. I love your list! I can give a smile, a hug to a friend in need and a prayer for anyone that needs lifting up!

  6. What a great post! I can say thank you more often. It always feel so good to be appreciated!

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