Chloe’s Beautiful Necklace

Magic Marker Monday

There are few things in life that Chloe likes better than “Caff Time” (a.k.a. Craft time). With all of the things we’ve been busy doing this summer, we’ve hardly had time to make anything.

Necklace 009

But the past week we’ve had quite a bit of rain so we’ve been working on some rainy day fun. Part of it was this fabulous necklace. Now I know the beads are ridiculously huge but I have a baby crawling around and so she can’t have anything smaller. She loves it anyway. While we were making it, we talked about shapes and colors.

Necklace 005  Necklace 006

Sunday morning she wanted to wear it to church because it ‘matched’ her dress. Ummm, well sure! It is so hard to get a picture of her. She is always on the move!

I mentioned that I got a huge bag of craft supplies for $4 at a yard sale? Well this was all in it too! I know we will be reaping the benefits of this find for the rest of the year – and maybe longer!


  1. She just loves her new necklace! Don't you just love those yard sale finds? I do too! Have a great week!

  2. Great necklace. I htink it look sperfect with her dress! I think the big beads looks great! Stopping in from Magic Marker Monday!

  3. My Gracie would love to make a necklace.
    Thanks for the idea. I actually like the large beads. I think we will be making similar jewelry soon! BTW, she is adorable.

  4. Hi Jennifer, popped over from your link on Lisa's post. Just wanted to say hi and how I liked reading your posts. I love garage sales but it's too hot for them here right now. I went out last weekend but not many about. I think come the fall there will be a lot more, when it's not 100 degrees in your garage!

  5. What a beautiful necklace… and beautiful girl! I love that dress. Miss Chloe did a good job!

    Jenn, you are a doll. Thanks for commenting on my post on Kingdom First Mom's site. I appreciate it!

  6. Oh, I have a Chloe, too! She's 5(she'll be 6 on August 12th) and going into 1st grade. We sometimes have a little trouble "matching", too!

  7. "Caff time" — that's adorable! And I do believe she's right — the necklace goes beautifully with her dress 😉 So glad to see you at MMM this week!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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