Do you need Canadian Diaper Coupons?


I have the following coupons expiring August 15th, 2009. If you can use them, or a good number of them, please contact me (beautifulcalling [at] gmail [dot] com)and I will mail them out to you. I update the post when they are no longer available.

2 x Heinz Toddler Snacks and Cuisine Products (1.00 off)
3 x Heinz Baby Cereal ($1.50 off)
2 x Junior or Toddler Products ($1.00 off)
1 x Heinz Baby Food (1.00)
4 x Huggies Wipes (1.00 off)
4 x Little Swimmers (1.50 off)
4 x Huggies Bath Products (1.25 off)
3 x Huggies Natural Diapers ($3.00 off)
12 x Huggies Diapers ($2.00 off)
4 x Huggies Overnights ($2.00 off)
4 x Pull Ups ($2.50 off)