Successful Saturday Free Sale

June13 045   June13 046

(For the record, Chloe picked her own outfit!)

We had a free sale today. Cleaning out things we no longer want or need, I put them out on the lawn with a “FREE to good home”  sign. We put a piggy bank out there with a sign that said any donations made would go to our church. Then we went out to the market. My husband thought I was nuts for expecting people to make donations when the items were free. He really thought I was nuts when I said I was going to leave the donation bucket out there unattended.

Thanks to the generous people who left donations for their free items, Chloe will be taking just under $26 with her tomorrow as her Sunday School offering. Not bad for a few items that we would have just donated anyway. The remaining articles went to Bibles for Missions – a local thrift store.

All in all it was a busy, successful day which ended with baths, jammies and bed!

June13 057(Here they are in their matching jammies from Thailand that my mother-in-law brought home for them. Nice and cool  – perfect for summer!)


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