Sizzling Summer Product: Water Bottles by Innate

June13 006

Joining us in the Set for a Sizzling Summer Series is Innate Gear. Located in Canada, the manufacture stainless steel water bottles for the whole family! Sippy’s for the little ones, mid size for your tots in plenty of fun colors, and of course larger ones for the grown ups in either plain or fun colours!

June13 005   June13 004

June13 011   June13 012

Our cups arrived, I washed them immediately and everyone gave them a try at dinner that evening and as you can tell from the pictures, it was a success! I’m excited to try these out! I’ll be back to give a full report on how they withstand everyday life and what sort of impact that changing over (if any) has made in our daily lives. In the mean time you can head over to Innate’s FAQ to find out why it’s a good idea to switch to stainless steel!

What do you use for drinks on the go? Please share!