On My Heart: Stay or Go?


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I am thankful that the Lord speaks to me through His Word. It is sometimes hard to comprehend how the Lord can speak to us, but He does!


 1 Corinthians 11:1Ezekiel 22:30 and Titus 2:7 and Are You a Mrs. Titus 2

Crystal, of Biblical Womanhood and Mom of Littles, was instrumental in turning my heart towards home; I shared my story at Heart(h) Management. While the Lord did and still is doing the work in my heart, I believe he used her to direct me to His purpose. I was sad to read to her departure from personal blogging. It caused me to stop in my steps. I wondered if I should follow suit. Though I have only been blogging for a handful of months, is it time to say goodbye? Am I contributing to an unhealthy epidemic?

While I am still thinking everything through, I’ve learned that I am where I ought to be and do not feel that a season of quietness is the path the Lord is calling me to walk right now. The Lord has unique plans for each of us. I love Crystal with a Christian love. I  both admire and respect her, and am thankful that she is sensitive to the Lord’s leading in her life but a decision that is right for her isn’t necessarily right for me. I am thankful that she chose to share her reasons for leaving because it made me stop, pray and consider.

I’m not perfect, I know very little and I am not a good writer. But I love the Lord and desire to serve Him. I want to bring Him glory. In Titus 2, it suggests that we ought to be and learn from Titus 2 women. Titus 2 are becoming increasingly rare. The art and spirit of true home-making are not common in our society. I tend to be at home a lot and do not have a lot of interaction with other women in this stage of my life with littles. So blogging for me is a way of being and learning to be a Titus 2 woman; to love, care for and nurture my family better.

In Titus 2:7 it talks about “showing ourselves a pattern of good works”. To me this speaks of every day life. The practical how-to’s of bringing glory to Him in the (seemingly) mundane tasks that each new day brings. To show constancy and faithfulness and our love for Him in all we do. I think that there are aspects of my daily life that, when shared, are glorifying Him.

When I first started blogging I wrote Why a Blog?. It’s still the same. But I want to be so careful that I evaluate my reasons for writing and make sure it isn’t for approval of man or validation of my calling.

I am thankful that the Lord laid those verses (above) on my heart, giving me peace in knowing that in this season, I am where I should be. I want to be a woman who stands for the Lord; one who shows a pattern of good works in the every day things. When people look at my life, or a glimpse of my  life through my blog, I want them to see that I follow Christ and I want to show His love to the world!


  1. This is a really nice post. I think a lot of at-home moms get encouragement in their roles at home from other blogs. It's a very real ministry as we seek to be Titus 2 women and learn from others. And good for you, for examining your own heart before the Lord before deciding what to do. Blogging, like everything in our lives, should be brought before the Father as we continually seek to use our time in ways He directs us as best for this season. And what's right for us now may not be right for us in three months, or six months. (And when you say, "I am not a good writer" — I disagree! You are very eloquent here.)

  2. Sobering thoughts. . .much to contemplate here. As a homeschooling mom of 7, I rarely have the opportunity to minister to or to fellowship with other women. So I, too, feel that the blogosphere gives me that needed outlet at this season in my life. I only pray that my words left floating here in cyberspace bring glory and honor to Him.

  3. Continue what you are doing sister. As long as it is for the Lord, It's worth it.

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