Are you a Mrs Titus 2?

Mrs. Titus 2 is sometimes overshadowed by Mrs. Proverbs 31 however she is no less important, and maybe more important in some ways.

Do you think that Mrs. Proverbs 31 got to where she was all by herself? Of course not! While I wholeheartedly agree that Mrs. Proverbs 31 was a super woman, she was not superwoman! It was by the grace of God that she did what she did (and the same grace we have available to us!). And though Mrs. Titus 2 wasn’t officially around yet, I am guessing that she was there somewhere in between those verses gently teaching, guiding and instructing Mrs. Proverbs 31.

I have been blessed with many Titus 2 women in my life. It was a much needed and unplanned chat with one yesterday morning that prompted this post. I went to ladies bible study Tuesday morning. A variety of events occured (as you may expect when getting 2 x 2 year olds and a baby out the door), then I needed gas and ending up driving behind a very, very slow truck. I did not get to ladies bible study early enough to join in. I just took my littles straight to nursery and thought I would visit with whomever was there. Well, it was one of the dear ladies in my life that I consider one of my Titus 2 ladies. She was just who I needed to see as I was battling with feelings failure. Failure of what you wonder? Many things, but on Tuesday it was about getting places on time! I was always on time for things – then I had littles. I try to plan in advance, I make lists, pack the van the night before. Try to leave early. But something always happens and I think to myself – everyone else can do it. Some people have more children than I and they’re on time! What is wrong with me? Foolish thinking, I know. When we start to look around us, we’re bound to get discouraged and lose our focus.

Anyway, back on topic. My Titus 2 woman didn’t provide any band-aid fixes or new divine information to transform my life but she did encourage me. She also shared a small area of her when she was in a similar place to me and helped me once again find my focus.

Mrs. Titus 2 is not someone *out there* – she is us if we chose to answer the call. A call that is yet another facet of our beautiful calling to all women.

Mrs. Titus 2 is a well-rounded individual. She is both young and old. We are all “younger” than someone. There is always someone that we can learn from if we choose to be transparent and teachable. We are all “older” to someone too. God is teaching us (through His Word and the ones he places in our lives) so that we can go out and teach others…daughters, sisters, friends, the new girl at church…everyone!

Afraid that you don’t have a deep and profound grasp of all the philosophical aspects of scripture? Well no worries! Though I am sure that Mrs. Titus 2 shared scriptural insights that the Lord taught her, she also shared practical basics about:

You do not have to have it all together (for who does?!?), nor give the illusion that you have it all together to be one of these Titus 2 women. God can use you if you’re willing. That is all that is required: Willingness! We need more women to step up!


  1. Well said!

    I've been so disheartened by how few Titus 2 women there are out there. Especially the ones who have raised their children and can teach me more about raising mine. They all got their children raised and then left for work b/c they were no longer "needed" when that just isn't true!

    Enjoyed reading what you had to say…thanks for leaving the link in your comment At the Well. 🙂
    Amy @ Raising Arrows

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