Ladies’ Retreat, Here I Come!


Photo by McMorr

Things have been pretty eventful around here.

First, I received an email from Jen @ Cherish the Moments. She was the winner of the apron giveaway here at Beautiful Calling. She posted about it with beautiful photos. Take a peek!

Also this week, I had no menu plan. Thankfully we had some pulled pork in the freezer from the party we had for Nana’s birthday last year so we thawed a big package and ate it every which way. We still have enough left for one more meal but my husband informed me this morning that he is not eating pork for dinner so the little ones and I will finish it up for lunch LOL.

I’ve not done much posting, and thank you for your patience. I’ve been working on a series of posts about an experience in my life that the Lord has been leading me to share. It took some time as it wasn’t something I felt I could rush through. The first post will be out next week, along with the regular posts.

Grampa is still in the hospital, overall, doing no better or worse as far as I know.

I spent 2 1/2 hours with very sick little ones at the walk in clinic earlier this week. It usually isn’t so busy but that night it was (Ahh!) Anyway, the doctor thinks they both have Scarlet Fever, which sounds bad but it  is just glorified strep throat with a rash. He gave us antibiotics and after 24 hours of medicine, they are apparently no longer contagious. Chloe doesn’t like her medicine. I give it to her three times a day and she cries the moment she sees me coming, telling me that “Dhoe no like mess-in” and covers her mouth. It is quite an ordeal but I am getting it into her. John is much more co operative and actually likes he medicine and is sad when the syringe is empty 🙂 Funny little ones!

Today I am going through the house disinfecting everything!

Then I am packing because tomorrow I am off to FaithWay for the Annual Ladies Retreat. It is an overnight event and something that I look forward to every year. This year I wasn’t entirely sure I was going because in this season of little ones, I wondered if my place wasn’t at home caring for them. But at my husbands insistence, off I go! Hurray! I am so excited as it is always such an encouragement, a time for refreshment, a time to focus on the Lord and my relationship with him, and a time to visit with other ladies! Did I mention that we will be eating much junk food in our hotel room? Mmmm.

So have a great weekend and don’t forget to stop by Heart(h) Management on Saturday for some great reads!


  1. Have fun on your retreat! How great!

    Thanks again for the too-cute apron! I love it!

  2. have a great time on the retreat you lucky girl you..Also the apron she won is really pretty , I’m envious..;-)
    Have a great and Blessed Day.Hugs

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