Days of the Week: May 25-30th

Monday Menu Plan



  • Raspberries
  • Watermelon
  • Apples
  • Gherkin Pickles (Chloe loves these!)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs


  • Grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Pork chop stew (one of my culinary ‘”Oopies” that turned out OK in the end)
  • Pasta
  • Stuffed Twice-baked Potatoes (M & M…cleaning out the freezer! These were something I liked when I was pregnant but you know how my husband feels about processed foods. He won’t eat them!)

Days of the Week Plan:


  • Menu: Prime Rib with Mashed Potatoes & Asparagus (in season here!)
  • Plans: Bunwich lunch order to make and deliver. We are also off to the Brantford Expositor to pick up a 1/2 price gift card, go to Food Basics for some sale items needed and go to the farm for eggs.
  • Blog: MPM Post, Jack & Lily Announcement


  • Menu: Home Made Sausages with potato salad and spring onion
  • Plans: This morning is bible study with Sandy. We are working on Titus 2 Series (Secrets of a Happy Heart, Happily Married and Parenting with Wisdom). Though we are still in the first book, it is am amazing series!! This evening will get the final MP3 CD’s burned for my patient friend Tricia!
  • Blog: Gratituesday: Faithway Retreat


  • Menu: Shepherds Pie. The meat is already made. I just need to use the left over mashed potatoes from Monday with some cut up veggies for a quick meal.
  • Plans: Bake Cookies: Christian School open house in place of Prayer Meeting
  • Blog: WFMW Chore Chart


  • Menu: Roast Chicken with seasonal Asparagus and rice. I’d like mashed potatoes but am not sure we have enough potatoes for three meals this week 🙂
  • Plans: None
  • Blog: Celebrate Change


  • Menu:  Pizza Out (when we go grocery shopping we stop at a little pizza bar. It’s 6.99 for a pizza and pop and it was one of our little ‘dates’ before the littles came along and now we still do it, though it isn’t quite as easy as it was before 🙂
  • Plans: Possibly visiting a friend with a surprise.
  • Blog: Is it Broken? and Introduction to Miscarriage

The Weekend: I have to make cupcakes for Sunday for our church picnic. How fun! Other than that, I don’t think we have any plans. A nice slow pace! I actually don’t plan meals for the weekend. Since my husband loves to cook and create, this is his opportunity to come up with culinary masterpieces. A few weekends ago he made the most divine home-made ice cream!! He’s not a dedicated poster but be sure to check out his blog for interesting food experiences!

Join in on Menu-Plan Monday. Do a post and link to here. Don’t have a blog? That’s OK, just leave a comment!