Sensational Saturdays – Saving on Gift Cards!

My Works for Me Wednesday post is about Sensational Saturdays.

Sensational Saturdays are put on by our local paper, the Brantford Expositor. They offer a limited number of gift certificates to local businesses for 50% of their face value. You buy the certificates online and go in to pick them up.

Now before you close the window thinking, “I don’t live in Brantford”, let me share with you that apparently this is quite a common promotion. I’d advise you to check with your local newspapers, TV stations as well as Radio stations to see if they offer any of these types of promotions. tevaI need to pick Chloe up some sandals for the summer. I was planning to buy them at Al’s Shoes here in town as they are having a sandal sale shortly. When I found out about this promotion, I looked it up and to my surprise and delight, they were offering gift certificates which cost $25 and were redeemable for $50!! Not only will I get the sandals I was planning to buy anyway on sale but I can pay for them with my new gift card card and get $25 for free! Hurray! Now I am able to purchase Chloe’s sandals and have some left over towards a new pair of running shoes for me (which are very much needed!)

So perhaps you already knew about this but I was soooo excited to discover this! Now, if you live in the Brantford Area, this coming Saturday’s certificates are advertised here. But please don’t go for the Al’s Shoes as I want another one to put towards my own shoes!

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