Spring Cleaning for Normal People (Bathrooms)

Well earlier this month was a Spring Cleaning Party hosted by Simple Mom. I had every intention of joining in, however, life happened and I missed the boat so to speak. Thankfully she has an e-book entitled Spring Cleaning for Normal People and it’s affordable! I purchased it and am working through it now. Though I will not be posting pictures of everything (or at least I am not I am not planning to…) but these were taken on the one day (day 6) that I did join the party, I just hadn’t posted them.

Bathroom Cleaning! I have four bathrooms which can be a blessing and also, not so much 🙂

may20 018  may20 019

 may20 may20 025 

This is Chloe & John’s bathroom. There are actually a couple cupboards and in addition to giving everything a good cleaning, i went through and sorted and organized everything in all the cupboards.

may20 006 

may20 008 may20 010

This is our master bath. A lot of tile! I also moved all the additional supplies (toothpaste etc.) from the kids bathroom into ours. We had used their bathroom cupboards as storage before they came along. I had never cleaned it out before but now anything we would use is in ours and their stuff is in theirs. Imagine that!?! LOL.

may20 012   may20 014

may20 015

This is the bathroom off of Scott’s home office. It is also the ‘public’ bathroom upstairs. I have a rack and extra bar in there and generally use it for drying our clothes. I am really looking forward to a clothesline this year. Previously, there was a ban on them in our subdivision but it was lifted last year! Hurray! We also store our medicines in this bathroom. Everything is organized into baskets and labeled. Anything expired was thrown out.

may20 030   may20 032

This is our powder room on the main floor. It doesn’t look like I’ve done much – except cleaned up Mr. John-John from the floor LOL. There isn’t much to this bathroom and I clean it on a regular basis anyway. It is also where our learning poster is because we spend a lot of time in here since we are still potty training. We also read our library books here. We generally visit the library every 3-4 weeks.