Busy, Busy

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Happy Monday Morning!

I’ve had a busy and productive weekend with lots planned for the week! I’m finally finishing up some projects and I am very excited about that! This weeks overly ambitious plans include:

  • Putting the last side of the last tape onto CD for Graceworks
  • Picking up my gift certificate from the Expositor (it cost me $25 for a $50 certificate but more on that on Wednesday!)
  • Picking up my plates from the company I prepared lunch for last week. I also have to pick up my check 🙂
  • Prepare new topics, pictures and verse for our learning poster and make a trip to the library for appropriate books.
  • Write out 4 thank you cards that have been on my to-do list for a while
  • Raking and seeding the back yard
  • Finishing up my daily schedule (more on that later too)
  • Finishing up my littles Chore Charts (more on that later too)
  • Writing up an outline for a meeting with a local business woman about a project I have been working on for her. The Meeting is on Thursday.
  • Preparing my Posts for Beautiful Calling (Which will include picking/announcing the soapnut giveaway winner so if you haven’t entered, you’d better hurry! It will also include writing my review/giveaway post for the See Kai Run shoes we’ve been testing)
  • Tuesday is bible study with Sandy and Friday is Track & Field at our Church’s school.
  • Despite my busyness I pray to have a Great Week!

Do you have a busy week? What are you up to?


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