You Don’t Need All That! (Soapnut Giveaway)

So my Frugal Friday contributions have to do with cleaning supplies. Often we fall prey to the popular misconception that we need to have a cleaner for each task. While some cleaners do work best in performing a specific task, you do not really need as many cleaners as you may think!

  • E-cloths really do work!
  • Less is best! Find a multi-purpose cleaner you are happy with it and use it for multiple purposes!
  • An organized space = easy to find items (frugal with your time).
  • An organized space = easy to see what you have so you do not spend money on what you do not need! (How did I end up with 3 bottles of Windex and a refill jug of it?)


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  1. Thanks for the tips. My very favorite use for vinegar is as fabric softener. We have liquid minerals for water (at least that’s what it seems like, it’s soooo hard). Towels get gummy and don’t absorb, cotton gets stiff and uncomfortable. I LOVE how soft everything comes out just by using vinegar in the fabric softener cup in my washing machine.

  2. I was reading about soap nuts the other day and wondering if they really worked. Now I might have to try them! Love vinegar too, but don’t use it as much as a should.

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