Downsizing: What’s in Your Cleaning Cupboard?

Clean Laundry Room 002

In Cleaning Out my Cleaning Supplies, I mentioned that I had downsized. Here is a breakdown!

This is what is currently in my laundry cupboard:

  • Spray n Wash Stick (diaper bag) and Spray (I have only had two things ruined by stains. Both times it was mustard…this takes everything else out!!)
  • Nature Clean box of liquid soap. I mentioned it in More Green = More Green. Love this stuff. Only 1 tbsp does the load. I have a tablespoon right on top!
  • I also have a container of Zero left over from when John was a newborn and allergic to everything. I’m saving it for any future babies that may come along!
  • Nature Clean All Natural Bleach (I do my diapers once a month+/-)
  • A bottle of fabric softener and a couple packages of sheet fabric softener. I rarely use it as I find that it is an unnecessary additive in most cases but there are a few things that I like that extra little scent in!
  • I have a box of oxy-clean powder as well that I am finishing up. I will not replenish this though as I find I don’t really need/use it.
  • I also have used a couple of old baby wipes containers to store things. One has soapnuts in it and the other has my mesh laundry bags for washing delicates.
  • This is what will be in my cleaning cupboard within the next few weeks:

  • Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Vinegar (lots of uses for this!!!)
  • Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • Cleaning E-Cloth (just use water)
  • Glass E-Cloth (just use water)
  • Orange Oil (we have some nice wood pieces that need this!)
  • Soapnutscheck out my post here to explore their uses and for an opportunity to win. I haven’t yet used them for anything other than laundry but I plan to as there are tons of cleaning uses for them!
  • What’s in your cupboards? Do you have favorite cleaning or laundry product? I’d love to hear about it


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