When They Don’t Snap, Crackle or Pop!

I was cleaning out my cupboards and came to an expired box of Rice Crispies. I don’t eat cereal and Scott doesn’t eat this kind. We tried it with the girls and it didn’t go over well. I made a batch of Rice Crispy Squares to use some up since I also found a bag of expired marshmallows. The squares were a disaster and I actually cut the inside of my mouth trying to eat them. I’m half decently competent in the kitchen so I don’t know what went wrong. I’m trying not to dwell too much on it lol.

In my new found frugalness, I no longer toss everything the way I used to. I decided to use the food processor and make a powder so my baby could eat the rice crispies. He just tried them this morning and really liked them.

I wanted to share with you my revelation of the day: Rice Crispy baby mush does not *Snap, Crackle or Pop*!

Today I have to get moving. With littles being sick, and me not feeling so hot, I feel a little behind on things.

Here is my far too ambitious to-do list for the day (in no particular order):

  • Tidy Kitchen
  • Dress Littles
  • Laundry Away
  • Spot Clean Carpet
  • Floor Swept and Spot Cleaned
  • Laundry Room Tidied
  • Grocery List prepared (shopping tonight!)
  • Out for a walk with the littles
  • Plant “Forget Me Nots” in egg cartons with girls.
  • 1/2 hour of sorting desk
  • Final Numbers to Complete Tax Return

This weekends projects include:

  • Taxes Filed
  • Finishing up the Surprise for Tricia @ GraceWorks
  • General Tidy of my Garage. This is my April task for the monthly roundup. I know it isn’t a cupboard or a closet but when you see the photos you will understand. The first step to tackling it is a general tidy so I can at least walk in it!


  1. oh boy, does this ever sound like me!! all the way from cutting your mouth on rice krispies to grocery shopping at night! πŸ™‚

    Hope you all feel better!

  2. Well it’s nice to know that someone else out there has trouble with rice crispies! LOL

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