Safety is Important!

Our Monday Morning Baking! Aren’t we safe?

On Saturday we made a quick trip to Walmart to purchase canning jars to organize our spice cupboard. While we were there we bought Chloe her first bike helmet…in a gender neutral color so that John can use it next. Aren’t I frugal? Ha!

Anyway, since Saturday Morning, Chloe has only taken it off to sleep and bath…in both cases it wasn’t willingly. I was battling a bug so we didn’t go to church on Sunday, I would have drawn the line there! No helmets to church!

Saturday afternoon we went next door for a quick visit. My neighbor wondered if I wasn’t a bit over-protective with a helmet for backyard play?
Sunday afternoon Chloe fell down our stairs coming down from her nap. Wouldn’t you know – it was the only time she didn’t have her helmet on! Ugh!

So here is my sweet Chloe in her new ‘hat’. If you happened to miss John in his hat – click here.

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