Menu Plan Monday

Welcome to my first ever post on Menu Plan Monday. I was actually debating on whether or not to join in this week since my weekly menu plan looks very sad indeed but it is such a busy week for us that ‘quick fixes’ will need to suffice!


  • I used to make nice hot breakfasts every morning until Chloe discovered cereal with milk. It is all that she wants for breakfast (unless she was allowed to eat pasta) so this week we have: Honey Comb, Corn Pops or Fruity Cheerios along with a drinkable yogurt.


  • Melon Popsicles – these came about because melon was on sale. I bought it because Chloe loves melon and I thought it would be great to put in the food processor for John. Turns out…doesn’t matter what I do with it…John doesn’t like melon. My DH suggested making John’s pureed melon into Popsicles and Chloe loves them!
  • Cookies – this morning when I put on my apron, Chloe immediately asked to put hers on and ‘help’. Well I wasn’t really doing anything that required help but with that cute little face peering up at me – we made cookies and here’s the proof.
  • Kielbasa & Cheese – we went to the market on Saturday and daddy bought Chloe a treat: meat! Chloe loves her “meat” (kielbasa) so we have some for snack this week.


  • We have some left over pork, steak and pasta that we will be using up for lunches this week. If we run out of things, Kraft Dinner is a treat and goes over really well.

Dinners: This is the sad part 🙂

  • Monday: Grilled Cheese and leftover Coleslaw. We are meeting everyone for bowling tonight so dinner needs to be quick!
  • Tuesday: Farm Fresh eggs, Home-Made Bacon, toast and strawberries. It’s going to be so beautiful out today. We’re off for a park play date and I have an order of 150 cupcakes for tomorrow that need to be baked today. Scott has a meeting tonight too.
  • Wednesday: Baked Pasta. Ice & deliver 150 cupcakes! Tonight is also church night. Busy Busy!
  • Thursday: Steak, Potatoes & Cauliflower. We’ll eat like kings tonight since my dh has starved all week. Plus it is another easy meal since we’re off to the Toronto Zoo today. Hurray!
  • Friday: TBA but possibly eating out. Chloe is sleeping over at Nanny’s tonight and we are scheduled to have a play date with some grown-up company. Today is also the day that the Beautiful Life Planner Giveaway ends.
  • Saturday: Soooo excited. Today is my spa day. They are no longer a regular part of my life so it is a special treat indeed. Since my maternity leave is finished in July, I want to get my allowed number of massages in before my benefits expire! Lunch is catered in my a gourmet local eatery. Dinner? Hmmmm

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  1. Don’t feel bad about quick dinners – for several years, our standing Cub Scout Night dinners were chicken nuggets, cottage cheese and packaged salad! I didn’t get home from work until after 6, and my son need to be at scouts by 7, so. . . your menu looks pretty darn good compared to that! 😉

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