Maybe he’s broken but he sure is Cute!

Well, this morning I have to admit I didn’t shower or dress until 10am! My sweet and wonderful John was up every hour last night! I don’t know what is going on with him. He’s getting over a cold so maybe he’s still having trouble breathing? He’s also putting everything in his mouth so maybe he’s teething? Or perhaps he’s just broken!

In any case this momma is Tired with a capital T. John just went to bed so hopefully he will sleep well tonight. He had a late night out with Aunty Sandy, Lucas and I – we went shopping at Reitmans and what fun we had trying on all sorts of clothing that weren’t really what we would usually wear. I ended up with traditional ‘jenn-wear’ of jean skirt and button-down blouse (I know I am predictable and maybe in a rut?!) but Sandy sure found some ‘hot mama’ tops so we need some warmer weather so she can debut in her new outfits. Did I mention I won a Reitman’s umbrella in a “You can Quote Me” contest? Reitmans has quite a few contests a year – sign up here for their newsletters! I’ll try to post a picture of me and my fabulous umbrella tomorrow.

John had his 6 month doctor visit the other day. He’s a whopping 20 lbs already. Big Boy! Chloe was 19.5 at a year! Speaking of Chloe, she had her two year visit and she is 27.5 lbs. There is only 7.5 lbs between the two of them! Crazy how different children can be. I am so amazed that I have such adorable children!!

Picture Explanations: The top is Toby pushing Lucas in Chloe’s Doll Stroller! (under our careful supervision and it really was only for the the photo!) The second picture is my adorable John – he’s always so happy. The third is little Chloe-Homemaker. She loves to help and thinks that scrubbing toilets is a real treat (don’t anyone tell her different!) The picture is blurry because it is from our old camera as it was the closest one when I was looking for a camera fast. The last picture is John who worked diligently to roll himself over to the table where Chloe and Jaiden were eating lunch. Determined little fellow!

Well I am glad that my tiring Tuesday is over with. I am looking forward to a Wonderful Wednesday tomorrow.

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