Monday night my friend Becca and I were talking about what a big job mothering is. God has called us to do a whole lot! (See Proverbs 31). Home-making and mothering is a beautiful calling but it is also a big one!
Some days it seems overwhelming – especially when they are sick, or the baby has been up or little ones are just being downright naughty and you don’t know why. A friend asked me today how I do what I do and the answer is simple: God enables me. (and just so you know – I don’t really do that much.)

A few practical thoughts:

Tonight at church, Dr. Glowacki was speaking. In the message he said, “Whom the Lord calls, He equips.” Many times I’ve heard preachers say that. He was talking about King David but I thought about how it applies to our every day lives as mothers. If the Lord gave us our spouses, children (however many we have!) and homes, then he has also given each of us the measure of endurance and energy (and anything else we’ll need) to meet those challenges. The job isn’t too big for us (even on the crazy days!) – we just need to ask for help the right way: On our knees

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  1. i agree! i am not a mother but your writing really helped to brighten my day thank you!

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