Cupcakes Completed!

Well yesterday was a very busy day! I posted my blog entry and began praying about my day. As I mentioned yesterday, my spring cleaning was put on hold before it really started. Amazingly my sick, sweet John-John fell asleep in his jumper yesterday morning which enabled me to get started on those 145 cupcakes! What a blessing!

I got the kitchen tidied, the cupcakes baked, chicken stew with biscuites for dinner and my little ones looked after. I did fall in to bed exhausted last night but I was incredibly thankful that the Lord is faithful in enabling us to do the tasks we need to.

This morning started early (for me anyway) at 6am. It seemed to come earlier this morning as John had nursed a lot last night. With his poor little nose being all stuffy, it’s hard for him.

Anyway, up at 6am I was able to get the cupcakes iced, packaged and had a shower before the little ones were up. Thankfully mom came over this morning and so they were able to visit with Nanny-Granny while I delivered the cupcakes.

A big sigh of relief – *sigh*.

Chloe had Kraft dinner for lunch and off for a nap went her and John. I don’t usually nap and I am thinking about the laundry I was going to do today and all the other spring cleaning things I wanted to accomplish but I think I can best serve my family today by having a rest. I am sure I will be more productive after a brief nap. Afterall, the Lord gives his beloved sleep.
Thursday’s Note: I didn’t get the nap. John woke up and we spent 1/2 an hour in the shower trying to get the steam to clear his poor little nose!

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  1. catching up. Sorry the kids are sick, hope you and your hubby don’t get it. I love to read your blog Jenn, it’s very uplifting, so bless you and your family and don’t worry about your house. It will all come together and Chloe and John come first, they need their Mommy. Ann

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