Ready for the Weekend!

I have donned my apron (see why here), put on some inspirational music and am ready to go!

Though my little ones are still sick, especially the baby, I hope to pull my home together today. No spring cleaning, just tidying, getting the laundry done and cobbling something up for dinner.
My husband is off tomorrow so I want to have the house in order! I always hate it when the weekend comes and for whatever reason the house is in disarray. Then rather than enjoying time with him, I am running around tidying. Sunday mornings my husband and I head out in different directions to church so in order for Sunday mornings to flow smoothly I need to be prepared and organized. If our home is, not perfect, but tidy and as it should be, then our weekend is so much nicer.

With that being said – off I go! I encourage everyone reading today to plan a *tidying blitz* today or tomorrow and get what needs to be in order done so that you can enjoy a relaxing weekend with your family too!
My Ambitions:
Bedrooms Tidied
Main Floor Tidied
Laundry Washed / Put Away
House Vacuumed
I could add so much more to this list but today isn’t about cleaning – it’s about pulling it together. My spring cleaning is on hold and will (Lord-willing!) start next week! For that – my mental list is about a mile long. lol.
Note: No before pictures today but I will post some after ones 🙂