4th Annual Storybook Breakfast

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    Last year Chloe and I attended the 3rd breakfast. This year, Chloe, John and I  attended the 4th Annual Kids Can Fly Storybook Breakfast with friends.    Mommy, John and Curious George & John with the Bernstein Bears (his hand is up because he’s waving to me). These are pictures of the pictures so […]

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Tot School: C is for Cupcake

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We’re working on C from Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve this week. The Letter “C” In November I shared that Chloe didn’t know her ABC’s. Around that time, Chloe started expressing an interest in spelling her name and lately she’s been “writing stories” on her Manga Doodle. They just look like little scribbles but […]

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Tot School: Nesting Blocks

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Coloring Chloe got a couple giant coloring pads from Oma for her birthday last month; Pooh. This week we exchanged it for a Princess one and John picked out a Cars one. We did some special coloring pages to decorate Nana’s door to welcome her home. Chloe did fantastic, coloring inside the lines quite well […]

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God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible Review

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 Author: Shelia Walsh, Illustrator: Meredith Johnson A while back BookSneeze, a Thomas Nelson review club, sent me God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible for review. We have several other story books by Sheila Walsh so I was excited to have a look at this one. Chloe (just turned 4 years) fell in love with it instantly.  […]

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Winners Call and 20 Weeks Along

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Pregnancy Newsletters With all of my pregnancies, I signed up for the Penn Pregnancy & Parenting newsletter. I enjoy having a little something to read each week about our baby. There are tons of prenatal pregnancy newsletters out there. What’s your favorite? According to Penn Pregnancy, our baby now weighs approximately 9 ounces (255g) and […]

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Usborne Books For Christmas

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  My friend Sherri, whom I had never met, sent me an invite to an Usborne party. How could I resist? I love books, especially Usborne books, and we’d get to meet. My very first bloggy friend in real life! What a fun night. Cassandra {yet another blogger!} was the Usborne rep and I can […]

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Book Review: How Do You Tuck In A Superhero?

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Publisher’s Blurb “When Rachel Balducci looks for material for her writing, she doesn’t have to look far. Her subject matter can be found climbing through the window, hanging on to the edge of the roof, and rummaging through the refrigerator. Here she chronicles the exuberant, awesome life of boys through bizarre conversations overheard, unbelievable rules […]

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The Silent Governess Book Review

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I love to read! While I have a ton of great books on my reading list for the year, I didn’t include a single fiction book! Why? Because there are tons of fiction books out there and since I have limited reading time, I want to make sure I pick a good one. I usually […]


Bookin’ It 2010: My Reading Goals for the Year

(taken this evening so it is kind of dark) We have a library in our home because my husband and I both love to read. Yet, since I became a mother in 2007, I have found myself reading very little except small portions of scripture and many, many picture books. I seriously feel like my […]

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