Summer 2014 with Granny and Grandpa

Grandparents Canoe 2014

The summer has been flying by with fun and sun. We just returned home from a super duper fun time at my parents. One of the highlights? A canoe trip on a little lake and their surprise when we suggested jumping out of the canoe in the middle of the lake. John was a little braver and went first but when he didn’t get attacked by an octopus or swallowed by a whale, she joined him. The two of them (and later grandpa) swam over a kilometer back to our entry point.

Grandparents Summer 2014 

Of course we had a good number of trips to the beach that included sun, sand, boat rides and of course riding the hotdog. The hotdog is so lovely because unless you are trying to flip it on purpose, it’s virtually untippable; the perfect thing for scooting around the lake on when you’re little.

Grandparents Summer2014 

And even hanging out at home, there are forts to build and fish to eat…oh and John tried to shoot some squirrels for granny but they saw him coming! Poor granny had a squirrel in her kitchen so that now makes them fair game.

Grandparents Swimming 2014

And if you walk down the road from my parents place, you’ll come to the river. The kids put their life jackets on and swam across over to the little island to explore. Chloe opened up a Beach Cafe and made all sorts of mud, flower and berry concoctions.

I don’t have any pictures but grandpa was also building with them this week which made them happy. Chloe has been wanting to build a birdhouse – she made one out of a kleenex box however it didn’t last through the first storm. Anyway, this one is nice solid wood and Chloe has already picked out the perfect spot in our back yard tree.

John has been wanting to build a shelf for Chloe to put dishes on in the clubhouse…Grandpa helped him build one.

What a week we had! The coming week we are taking it slower, then the following week is camp/VBS, then grandparents again, then off to Disney.

Summer, oh summer, how you fly by.


  1. I was thinking about you this past week and it sure looks like you all had a wonderful time!! Great memories made for sure… 🙂 The lake looks so inviting! 🙂

    I just finished posting a bit about our week, it was a busy week with lots of fun at VBS.

  2. Jen it looks like you had an amazing time with your children visiting grandma and grandpa!! Your kids look so much like you when you were that age, cute cute and more cuteness!! Take care and say hi to everyone with some hugs!

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