Tiny Tidbits 01.14


Chloe: 7 years, John: 5 years, Isaac: 2 1/2 years

My birthday is January 8th and Chloe’s is the 9th. On January 7th, someone asked Chloe what the next day was and I believe that they were expecting her to say mom’s birthday but rather she replied, “It’s the day that it’s one more day ‘til my birthday.” Made me giggle.

After building the sides of an igloo together, Chloe and I sat on the snowbank to admire our work. Then she said, “Mommy, all we have to do now is build the roof. I wonder how penguins do that.” {and like a bad mother, I didn’t tell her it’s not penguins that live in igloos! lol}

One day I was having a chat with Chloe about some heart issues and Chloe sobbed into my lap, “I’ll never be like Jesus! I always choose the wrong thing.”  And I held her. Sometimes mama feels the same way. Sanctification’s a process, sweet girl!

Chloe: John, tell me a secret that no one knows.

John: Sometimes I keep snacks in my socks for later. {pause} Just kidding.

Me: Really? Well if you were going to keep snacks in your socks, what kind would they be?

John: Well, definitely not mashed potatoes. Maybe steak or corn…yep, I like corn.

{Note to self: check John’s socks after mealtimes.}

“I tried the salt on the road today, mama, and it is yucky. I think without steak, salt isn’t good to eat.” ~ Chloe

Chloe was at our neighbors and called home. She got voice mail and said to her friend, “oh, it says leave a message…” and hung up. She called back again and this time she left a message – her first ever: “What time do I need to come home for dinner? From Chloe To Mommy and Daddy…”. Said in her sweet little voice, it truly was adorable!

IMG_1466and Isaac just does things roll around in the wrapping paper he managed to pull out from under the bed!

Two from end of summer that I don’t think made it into a previous Tiny Tidbits so I will include them:

“Today I am not going to be anything but tired!” ~ said John, as he stumbled up the stairs one morning.

“Mama, don’t forget when we are at the store that I need a button that says, ‘I dressed myself’.” ~ John {Mama is guilty here. I think he overheard a conversation between myself and his aunty regarding one of the outfits he had put together himself!}

IMG_0431This was probably the day {smile}.

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