A Little Change: Just Add a Lamp


DH and I have had mismatched bedroom lamps for our entire marriage. Does it really matter in the long run? Not really. But I’d mentioned it to DH once about how it would be nice to have matching ones; sort of a pie-in-the-sky sort of wish since I refuse to spend a fortune on lamps {though I do occasionally on shoes; I don’t know why my mind works that way}.


Anyway, DH had that filed away in his head I guess – the part about me wanting matching lamps, not the part where I spend a lot on shoes – so when he was at Home Depot the other day, he wandered through the clearance section and found a nice set of $60 lamps discounted to $10 simply because they were discontinued!

So he bought them and I immediately put them on our nightstands. I’m so happy with how they look. They match the colors of our room beautifully. I love the beautiful warm glow in room. {And now we match. I don’t know why that matters except that it makes it look more balanced. I like being balanced! lol}

IMG_1678The lamp near the fireplace & chair. Mama’s new book nook!

Another bonus? I moved my old lamp downstairs {it was a $10 single lamp from Giant Tiger}. When we moved in, we put this lovely cushy recliner by the fireplace in the basement. Sadly, the room has pot-lights and I’ve never found it bright enough actually sit there and read. {Why didn’t I think about putting a lamp there? Not sure about that!} Now that there is a lamp by the chair, I’ve found it a favorite spot to curl up in during the cold winter months. The timing is perfect too. A few days ago my new book, Emily of New Moon, arrived from Book Depository (love the free shipping on every order!). I vaguely recall reading it many, many years ago but am excited to dive into it.  One of my goals for the new year is to read more for mama. Oh, there is plenty of reading aloud with the children, and some of the books are really, really great but this year, mama is going to enjoy some silent reading alone too.

Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. ~ L.M. Mongomery

Would a corner in your home benefit from a lamp?


  1. nice!! Finding places to sit comfortably and read are lovely!
    If you want to read the next Emily book (I have the whole series…and most of LM Montgomery books…if you want to borrow)

    • Oh, that sounds nice. I did buy all three Emily books so depending on the cooperation of the children, it may take me a bit to finish those first 😉

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