Joy to the World

Christmas Star

Photo Credit: Vegar Norman

The Lord is Come!

That Jesus would come so humble, from unimaginable Glory to such an unexpected lowly place, astounds me. Since becoming a mother almost 7 years ago, I’ve thought more about this ‘baby’ business each year than I have before.

Now I think about how He came and was birthed. I don’t remember what it was like to be birthed, but I remember clearly giving birth. Incredible? Yes! But hard, hard work. And when they were born, my babies cried. What must that have been like for Jesus – God – to be born? Then to be a baby; unable to do anything but suckle and cry. To feel as we feel – cold, pain, fear? He messed his diaper and was dependent on someone to clean Him, bathe Him. Helpless. Our creator, coming down to be like the created. That condescension is truly astounding.

Born to die to live.


                  This year, more than ever, I am amazed. In awe. Astounded. Humbled.

                                                                  In love. With HIM!

As we celebrate His birth today, let us remember to share with others that Baby Jesus is no longer a baby.

                           He was born. Amazing!

                                              He died, He rose. In awe!

                                                                               He lives! Astounded.

                                                                                                   He saves! He saves. He saves!