Sweet 6

Birthday Girl 6

Dear Sweet Chloe,

How proud mama is of you and the person you are becoming. You are happy, helpful and full of giggles. Six is a big number you tell me. But then again, you told me three was a big number, and four, and five…oh, how you make me laugh.

And how my heart bursts with pride as I watch you figuring out your math problems, work through your piano lesson, clean your room just right and read your first {short, very short} book. But the most memorable moment of your little 5 year old life? The day you told me that you wanted to be baptized. I asked you why. You told me you were saved and you wanted to obey Jesus and be baptized like Him. I pray that you always, always want to please Him!!

This past year was full of challenges. You are growing up. You are questioning, stretching, pushing, testing and learning. And this mama is learning and growing along with you. Oh my sweet bear, how I love you so. I pray that I will be able to guide you, teach you and lead you closer to our Savior.

Happy birthday my big girl!

                                                  ~ Love Mama