How To Get and Stop a Nose Bleed


Guest Post as dictated by Chloe, 5 years old

There are lots of ways to get a bloody nose:

  • Walking into a wall or banging your nose against some other person’s head
  • When the air is very dry
  • When you pick your nose and your finger goes up too far

Things that you should do when you get a bloody nose:

  • Go to the bathroom right away and find a cloth
  • Pinch your nose at the top and don’t breath through it
  • Do not get blood on the carpet
  • Sometimes you can sleep with a cloth in case it comes back

Places you can get a bloody nose:

  • Sometimes when you go to the hotel, the air is dry and it makes your nose bleed. Sometimes it might make your daddy’s nose bleed too.

Some final thoughts:

To stop a nosebleed, you should: 1. Pinch all the soft parts of the nose together between your thumb and index finger. 2. Press firmly toward the face – compressing the pinched parts of the nose against the bones of the face. 3. Hold the nose for at least 5 minutes (timed by the clock). Repeat as necessary until the nose has stopped bleeding. 4. Sit quietly, keeping the head higher than the level of the heart; that is, sit up or lie with the head elevated. Do not lay flat or put your head between your legs. 5. Apply ice (crushed in a plastic bag or washcloth) to nose and cheeks.