Molluscum Contagiosum: Our Experience with Essential Oils and Diet Changes

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One of my children, who shall remain nameless, had a bump on their arm last summer. We went to the doctor and were told it was molluscum contagiosum. It’s a common childhood virus. They will spread. It will take 1-3 years for them to resolve on their own. We can burn them off if you’d […]

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Watering Depression

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  “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr. I don’t know when it started exactly. There wasn’t a specific moment or event that I can recall. The third week in January I remember having a bad cold and feeling like I couldn’t make it through Master Kids Club […]

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My Fitness Pal (I’m getting serious here!)

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So I’m having trouble losing this baby weight. I had went to Weight Watchers meetings after my previous babies, and dropped the weight but this time is different. I don’t have time for meetings and we now live half an hour away.  My ‘baby’ is two and I have yet to lose the weight. Not […]

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How To Get and Stop a Nose Bleed

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Guest Post as dictated by Chloe, 5 years old There are lots of ways to get a bloody nose: Walking into a wall or banging your nose against some other person’s head When the air is very dry When you pick your nose and your finger goes up too far Things that you should do […]

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