Family KinderMusik

Teaching Children Music Photo property of KinderMusik

Our family started KinderMusik classes a few weeks back. Isaac’s physiotherapist and speech pathologist both suggested it to me. At first, I wondered if it would be worth it. I mean, I have two other children, we live out in the country and we’re a single income family. Is it really worth the trouble to arrange for childcare, make the drive and of course the financial aspect of it?

But I signed Isaac and I up for a weekly baby KinderMusik class on Wednesday mornings. With the help of two friends, I’m able to work it out. Chloe goes to a fellow homeschooler’s house and from there, the girls go to ballet together. In the mean time, I drop John off at a friend’s house and Isaac and I go to KinderMusik. Once class is over, I head to the ballet studio to watch the tail end of Chloe’s lessons. We then head back to pick up John and go home. Whew!

Now granted, it is a lot of driving and a little bit exhausting but it truly is rewarding. Isaac is loving the music, the instruments, the songs, the dancing and his fellow classmates. Last week he clapped his hands for the first time. Another milestone – way to go sweet Isaac!

Friday night we got home from our Family KinderMusik class with enough time for a snack and an episode of Little House on the Prairie. While daddy isn’t so much a fan of the class, the tots are enjoying the it immensely. Last night as they danced, hopped, and twirled around using instruments and scarves, it made my heart happy. Seeing Isaac drink it all in, laughing and snuggling daddy, that made my heart happy too.

We are so blessed!