Tiny Tidbits Winter 2012

Little Artists Finger Paint

“I think I got the heck of it!” ~ John, on buttoning his pants.

“Because all those people are bad and going to Helloween.” ~ John, on trick-or-treating. {we had a little discussion about this one! LOL}

“My little Coochie” ~ Chloe, who always says this to Isaac.

“Oma doesn’t need the outside of her so she left it here.” ~ Chloe, explaining to John about Grandma in heaven and burying her body.

“Mom, when Isaac grows up, you’ll have three children.”

What do I have now?

“Two children and a baby.”

“Isaac are you being a pain in the neck?” John, to Isaac while he was crying. {no idea where that came from!}

Me: Daddy, if you don’t like your cold, just give it away.

Daddy: I’ll give it to Chloe.

Chloe: Just give it to John.

John: No, it will be too big for me!

Chloe: Why doesn’t nanny granny have pets?

John: She has grrgrandpa.

Chloe: Yes, she likes grr grandpa more than a pet I think.

This morning at breakfast Chloe innocently asks, "Mama, were you here when Jesus came to earth?"
{do I look that rough this morning?!?}

Yesterday I woke John up from his nap prematurely. Very sleepily he says, "Mommy, look what you did to my face."
I asked, "What?" {Thinking I had scratched him or something.}
He says, "You made it sad!

“Mommy, when I grow up I am going to be a teenager and I will know how to obey.” ~John (Lord, please let it be so!)

When I wake up I am going to be so annoying. ~ John

Me: “John, why don’t your shirt on yet?”

John: “No time for that! I recognized to myself that I need a bath first.”