Baby Isaac Hospitalized

DH posting again; don’t worry, this isn’t a permanent gig for me.  I already have my own blog and am editor in chief elsewhere.

Isaac on his second day didn’t want to eat and was very lethargic.  Jennifer paged our midwife and after taking a look everyone went to the hospital.  Isaac’s glucose levels were nonexistent so he started receiving supplements to boost it but after a few hours it would drop again.  They stayed at the hospital for two days and were moved to another in a neighboring city that has a neonatal unit.  Isaac’s glucose levels are staying higher and he’s finally hungry.

So far we don’t know anything other than he was a very long and lean baby without the proper fat stores.  It’s frightening to see an I.V. in his head and a feeding tube in his nose but Isaac doesn’t seem to mind.  Thankfully Jennifer has been able to stay with him the entire time and has been breastfeeding or providing breast milk.  Everyone involved has been wonderfully supportive and kind to us and we’re very thankful.  Our first two home births were so successful and now we’re experiencing a lot of heartache and concern over our newest addition: a gentle reminder of the grace we receive in our lives daily.

Job 1:21. The Lord giveth and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.


  1. Wow, that would be really frightening. So thankful that Jen is able to stay with baby Isaac. Praying that he can get those fat stores up and that he’ll be home safe and sound quickly. Glad you’re able to drop in and keep us up-to-date.

  2. I am praying for you jen and scott if the little guy is anything like his parents he’s tough as nails.
    philipians 4 verse 6 and 7

  3. Congratulations Jenn. As a neonatal nurse I know how scary it can be for families to have their little one in the NICU. I am positive that Isaac will be home soon. Take care. Vicky xx

  4. I just wanted to add how Great & Gracious our God is & He already knows whatever issues Isaac has as He created this little man & has a purpose for his awesome little being.
    I am so thankful we can go to our Lord at any time & find peace midst trials & know that He is in control even when we feel we have no control. Learning to lean & trust & walk in HIM:-)
    I am also so very proud of this husband & wife team as they walk this road together & of our entire family as they first keep each other in prayer & 2nd seek to help or offer to help wherever they can.
    Then I praise God for our church families who again bring the entire family to God in prayer & who are also praying for God to guide & give these Dr’s wisdom as they care for Isaac. Also I thank God that He has opened doors & made the way for Jenn to be with Isaac. And that He calms the hearts of her little ones that they too are learning to pray & endure separation & praise God for answers to prayer.
    Our God is an awesome Living real God who hears the cries of His children & answers. Trusted & True. John 3:16

  5. Jenn,
    I am just now catching up on my blog reading and I am so sorry that your precious baby is hospitalized. I know what that is like…and it’s very difficult. I am praying for you and your sweet baby boy.


  6. […] until 24 hours later he stopped eating and, as the night wore on, he became very lethargic. We were admitted to the hospital 36 hours later and then transferred to a neighboring hospital with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit […]

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