A Life Update in February

IMG_6209 “Spring Surprise” from a friend


Yesterday morning we baked our monthly cupcake order. I no longer am involved in any entrepreneurial endeavors at this time; I had to let them go for the sake of my time, energy and sanity. But I did keep my monthly cupcake order. I love the extra pocket money this one order brings in and the littles enjoy helping decorate them…and of course the fact that on cupcake day they get to eat one for breakfast. How great is that?!?

Then we dashed out to Hamilton for my midwife appointment.  Weight Gain = Normal – yay! Chloe helped the midwife take my blood pressure by pumping up the cuff. She was very pleased with herself. Blood Pressure = Normal. Measurements = 29 weeks. Eek. I’m only 26 weeks. But I am feeling particularly “bumpy” lately and find myself waddling more, especially at the end of the day. We’ll see how I measure at my next appointment. I’ve been having a tough time sleeping…positioning takes some work. I’ve been eating a whole lot of salmon sandwiches – much to my husband’s horror {the smell is killing him}. And hard boiled eggs and pineapple. And Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs; the kind that the bunny lays. YUM!

The littles and I went to McDonalds for lunch; not my favorite place but it is an exciting treat to them. I had a filet-o-fish which isn’t bad; though I feel it is overpriced for the size of it.

We came home to a special surprise: spring flowers and treats from a dear friend. What a special sunny spot in my day. I’m not a huge flower person. Don’t get me wrong – I love them but I find them expensive, then they die. There was a time {pre-baby days}when I bought myself fresh flowers every week when DH and I went grocery shopping. Alas, becoming a mother has changed me in so many ways and I will tell you, I’d rather spend money on a treat for the littles a or take them to the zoo etc. than I would on flowers. But surprise flowers? That’s a different story all together and I’ve been enjoying them.


Last night was “heart night” at Awana. Chloe was very excited to go. If it weren’t for her, I would have stayed home and went to bed early. It was a long day; for me at least. Alas, I couldn’t rain on her excitement by telling her we weren’t going – so we went. Last week the Cubbies Puppets were sick {and Chloe came home concerned about them so she prayed for them at bedtime}. This week the puppets were feeling better. She came home excited that the puppets had given her a special valentine card.


Today was a good day; a full day. We ate breakfast then went swimming with my sister and her youngest. We watched a little TV. We had lunch. The littles had a nap. We read some stories, I changed a few diapers, wiped a few noses, did a load of laundry. I washed my floor and vacuumed under my couch cushions. DH is making hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. Then tonight, after the littles are in bed, we’re going to watch a movie and eat fried cheese sticks that I have been craving ever since reading Rae’s blog post! I’m so excited.

Blog related: My awesome DH did some work on my sidebar and gave me some fancy buttons for subscribing. Pretty cool huh? I love my man!


Since I did my floors today rather than wait until tomorrow, we kind of have a free day. The plan? Some schooltime/playtime/story time, finishing up some ironing and then picking up daddy from work for a trip to Ikea. Tomorrow is 99 cent meatball dinners. I’m not a huge fan but DH and the littles are.

What little things was your day full of?


  1. YAY for those cheese sticks. I wish I had some more!
    I’m excited that you are meausring ahead…I don’t know why but I really am!

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