A Belly Shot

IMG_5541 Badly Taken by me.

Pregnancy Update

I’m almost 16 weeks. I feel huge. The more babies I have, the faster I “pop”. My baby bump looks much bigger from the top I think. Things are going well. As long as I take my Diclectin, I’m not usually sick in the morning and the all day nausea has passed.

I’m still very tired; just ask my husband who watched the littles last night so I could go to bed at 6:30pm. {then slept until 7am!!} My day energy levels seem to be returning; late mornings are my most productive time.

Our Ultrasound

Our ultrasound is December 30th due to the holidays. After talking to the midwife, we changed my due date to a week later which meant that rather than the 17th being my 18th week, it would now be the 24th which means we wait an extra week for our ultrasound. But really two weeks because of the holidays. Ah, well.  At least this pregnancy I won’t have to worry about being “overdue” even when I am on time. {My cycle is a little longer than normal}.

I think it’s a girl and I’m sweet on the name Ava Grace or Ave Rae. Scott and I both like Haley as well. If it’s a boy, he’ll be Ethan George. Scott loved the name Ethan when we had John but didn’t want to name him that since there already is an Ethan in the family but we don’t see them much and Scott has loved the name Ethan since before he can remember. Seems silly to not name him that because someone else has the same because someone always has any name. Make sense?

We will be finding out the gender and of course will be sharing 🙂

IMG_5545 Downshot – much more impressive!

Maternity Clothing

I’m getting excited. Last week my husband showed me an ad in the paper: the local maternity shop is closing and they have 50% off everything. I’d been there before when they opened {I was expecting with John}. They were expensive. Most of my clothing came from Thyme Maternity which was expensive enough for my tastes. Jeans, skirts, and sweaters ran about $50 to $60, blouses $30-45, tees were $20 to $30.  They do have sale and discount racks but money wasn’t a big issue when I was pregnant with Isaiah then Chloe so I just bought whatever caught my eye {within reason}. I’m glad I did buy quality, lasting pieces since with my subsequent pregnancies (as a result of becoming a stay at home mom) we are now on a budget. I am really getting my money’s worth since I am able to wear the same clothing through all my pregnancies. Anyway, the ad for 50% off was something I couldn’t resist since my parents had given me some money to go buy my own Christmas present {then give it to mom to wrap LOL}. Off I went. I did buy a few more things than intended. I found two great dresses, an adorable skirt, and another super cute sweater. With their sale, suddenly the prices were more in line with Thyme or a little cheaper.


This week I’m just so thankful for the opportunity to be carrying another sweet little one. I’m thankful for the diclectin that makes mornings bearable, for my husband who lets me go to bed crazy early, for my supportive mother and for my cousin Rachel. I’m so excited for her because she’s having a boy!!


  1. Awe! I am about 17 weeks and I feel HUGE this time around too. I feel like I look 6 months pregnant. This is only my second so I wasn’t sure how fast I would show, but geesh. I am on my last pair of jeans that fit and every shirt makes me look like a sausage lol. So I feel for you. Glad you are feeling better. I got the all day everyday nausea with both pregnancies. Ugh! This time it started earlier (6 wks) and just finished up a few weeks ago. Oh my. I really like Ethan for a name, but the hubbs won’t have it. Grr. I better start taking some belly pictures!


    • @Chelle Oh, how exciting. You’re just a smidge further along than me. This was my first belly picture! I’d love to see yours when you do take it!!

  2. Looking good. I’m pregnant too, 23 weeks. I do look pregnant but technically my stomach isn’t any bigger than it always is, it’s just rounder and harder. I’m overweight but carry a lot of extra fat in my belly (thanks to my other 2 children LOL) so this baby has to fill that out first.

    I recently had my ultrasound, it’s a boy! I hope you get a girl like you think it is. You picked pretty names. Mine will be named Liam Gordon (middle name is FIL’s first name, who passed.)

    I’m still taking Diclectin (as I did with two previous pregnancies) but only the two at night. I was having all day sickness too.

    • @Callista Oh the delightful things that we have to thank previous children for. I’m not sharing mine on here but {laughing} trust me, I have some too. I’m just taking the two at night too – the Diclectin, I mean. I did accidently not take them the other day and it didn’t go so well.
      I like the name Liam; a nice name, a little unusual but not too much so. If we have a boy, his middle name is Papa’s – who passed as well.
      Family names are important.
      All the best with your pregnancy!!

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