I Quit!

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The word brings to mind negative thoughts along with feelings of failure, of lacking in determination, of giving up and being defeated.

I became an Epicure Consultant. That took courage. To take that first step and sign up then to plunge in wholeheartedly; leaving my comfort zone far behind. I’m not always a people person. I have issues {huge ones} with public speaking so this was a stretching experience to say the least.

I did that first party, then another, then another. I did well. I met many new people, earned some income, gave 20% of that income to our church missionaries; which was exciting for me to do. I want to contribute financially to our family, to give to the church  and honestly? I want to be good at something; to be recognized, to be a part of something. Epicure Selections is a great way to earn extra money; either as a full time job or a little extra to cover that one bill. The Epicure family is a great place to belong; full of encouragement and recognition for a job well done. It’s an amazing opportunity.

I am proud of myself for taking those steps; of trying something new and stepping out. It took courage. I grew as a person and learned a lot. It also takes courage for me to stand up and say, “I quit”.

It is an amazing opportunity, but I have come to realize that it isn’t the right fit for me at this time. We made the decision for me to be a stay at home mom. Right now, my focus is my family and my home. Each day, {especially now that I am battling fatigue and morning sickness} I am realizing that I am not super woman. I can’t do it all and I have very real limitations. I have to be selective in what I choose to pursue and invest my time and energy in; for both are limited. Epicure is a good thing, earning income from home is a good thing, but in this season of life, neither of those is best for my family. How can not earning money from home be best for my family? In this season for us it just is and I am embracing that.

So with that being said, I say goodbye to my career as an Epicure Consultant. I say “I quit”, confident that it is the right decision and looking forward towards the freedom of releasing myself from the guilt of failure because sometimes it takes more real courage to be a quitter!

I wrote this over a month ago but rather than publish it, I thought I would take the extra time to pray and consider it before making a final decision. After reading Time Management 101: Create a Time Budget, I know that {in this season at least} that this, and other things, need to go!

Do you struggle with taking on too much?

  • This post is part of the 30 minute blog challenge @ Steady Mom. This week is the final challenge. I’m a little sad; I will miss it and visiting the other 30 minute posts however, we have to be selective with our time and activities and quit when it no longer benefits us, furthers our goals or is appropriate for our season. Good bye 30 minute challenge; I’ve appreciated your challenge!


  1. Caught me! I read that & thought WHAT????
    You never have quit!
    What you are doing is “”I redirect.””
    THAT we all must do from time to time on a regular basis. Life is ever changing …thereby our priorities must too
    but thank God HE never changes.
    Hang in there. Pretty soon you will start to feel normal again………….atleast for awhile;-o
    You are a very wise YOUNG;-) woman!
    Knowing when & what to change & having the courage & FAITH that God is in control & to act on that…….is knowing how to walk the talk:-) Go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi, I know you made the right decision! You will never regret focusing on what God has called you to do with and for your kids, husband, and home during this season of your life. Your children will grow up way too fast, and then you’ll have many years to pursue the next chapter (season) God has for you. Bless you for your courage and godly priorities! I hope you’ll feel better soon. It’s fun following you on your blog.


  3. It’s not quititting, you are embracing you new God given task….baby….and also you took on schooling this year too. It is a new season in your life,and instead of being selfish or trying to make it “all” fit you chose to take out a few “less” important things to make room for more important things! This is an exciting new chaper, maybe God only wanted you to do epicure long enough to help out a bit finacally and now he wants you to move on 🙂 You still have bunwichs and cupcakes and your blog too!! Youre doing a super Job Jenn, Im proud of you

  4. Jennifer, It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by. I believe you are making the right decision. To go back and choose NOT TO WORK is something I wish I could do. However, I made an unwise choice and now I’m basically tied to it.

    • Oh, I’ve been there. Really. Maybe some day I’ll blog about it. Pray, my dear friend. It sounds simplistic but He saw the way out before you even got in! {Hugs} to you Tami!

  5. Boy don’t I know how you are feeling! I way overbooked myself these past few months, and am now making many changes to our schedule to fix it.

    You should be so proud of yourself for stretching your comfort zone and accomplishing a goal!

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