The Haircut

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I’m a pony tail girl. Low-maintenance hair is my motto, especially since I became ‘Mom’.  A few years ago I had highlights put in; a panicked reaction to a grey hair. Anyhow, I was left with dry looking hair in desperate need of a trim. I’ve also found that I have a lot of new growth which leaves it wispy looking and unkept.

My wonderful husband took me to his hair dresser, Julie, who is a genius! He’s had his hair cut there for 18 years. I enjoyed a wash, dark rinse and about 5” cut off! I splurged on a new headband and bought a jar of hair product; I never use product but this stuff is great.

IMG_4333So I’m pretty happy with this cut. Of course it looked great coming home from the salon but the true test is how maintainable the style is in every day life. The following morning I showered, my hair dried during breakfast and I put the tiniest amount of product in the tips and it flipped up on the ends. Hurray; that’s low maintenance enough for me!

I feel great about my hair; the cut was much needed and made my hair bouncy and healthy looking. The headband was a special little splurge. I know that the Lord looketh on the heart (1 Sam 16:7) and our inner beauty is what matters but fI think it is also important to look nice too;  for ourselves, for our husbands and for the Lord. The Lord you say? I don’t know if I’m alone here but my thoughts go something like this, “As a Christian, I represent Christ. If I’m grumpy and frumpy, that doesn’t reflect back well on the Lord and certainly wouldn’t encourage others to want to know more about Him. I am definitely grumpy when I feel frumpy.”

Anyway, do you have a tried-and-true hair style? Has it changed since you became “mom”?


  1. Yes you do look faboulous in that lenth…..Ive been telling Josh I need my hair trimmed up it looks rough..but he;s scared Ill cut it short, but after seeing you he says, “you should go get your hair cut,it does look friezzy and dead” thank-u Joshua LOL

  2. You look adorable with that haircut. I think my hair looks healthiest at that length, too!! I prefer the wash N go haircut as well. Having layers tho isn’t very condusive to that all the time.

  3. The cut’s adorable. I’m with you on the low maintenance, although with curly hair I have to put mousse or gel or something in to keep the frizzies away.

  4. You look great! I’ve alway been a plain jane ponytail sportin’ gal! A few months back, my hubby asked me to get some color in my hair. He nevers asks me to change anything about myself, so I did it! I am straightening my usually frizzy hair and I have red and blond highlights in my light brown hair.

    He loves it and I feel so much better!

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