Live, Love, Catch! Pocket Disc Review + Giveaway


So now that you are familiar with the Phd Pocket Disc, I’d like to share my experience with it!

When I was first contacted for this review, I had no idea what it was. After reading about it, I loved that they support the local economy in Guatemala, however, I was a bit skeptical about the actual merits of said product.

It arrived, I looked at it with doubt and then flung it across the room. Much to my surprise, it actually flew well and landed harmlessly. The littles joined right in and soon we were giggling as they flung it around.

We’ve been playing with it for several weeks when one day I noticed a cob web on our ceiling. Since we have 9 1/2’ ceilings, I couldn’t reach it. On a whim, I tossed my Phd Pocket Disc up there and the cob web was history. Who knew cleaning could be this much fun?!? I had read about that use on their website but wasn’t sure if they were serious or not. But it was effective!


Outside we’ve been having a blast as well. John (almost 2) and Chloe (3) have not yet mastered the art of throwing a Frisbee and can not catch one at all, especially because it’s hard plastic. The Phd Pocket Disc has proved to be awesome for them. I can throw it to the littles with no concern about hitting them and they are not afraid to reach out and catch it. John isn’t that interested right now but Chloe loves it and asks to play catch often!

Phd Pocket Disc has a colorful website with a chance to win your own pocket disc by simply telling them what the Phd could stand for. There is also a video on their website so you can really see the Phd Pocket Disc in action. You can read about their guarantee, which impressed me. Wondering what to do with your Pocket Disc? There are tons of games and a lot of other uses on their site as well, though some you may try at your own risk!

These are beautiful, well-made, 100 % cotton, fair trade, portable, and safe. You can keep one in the vehicle, one with the camping supplies, in the picnic basket, hey, they’re small enough you can keep one in your purse. Extremely versatile, they would make a perfect family gift for your own or someone else’s, stuff it in a Christmas stocking and more! It’s unique and a guaranteed hit for recipients of all ages!


This was Chloe’s favorite catch ever. She caught it exactly like this and giggled over it the entire day. When you are three, nothing is funnier than catching something on your head! {A soft something that is!}

Buy It!

Pocket Disc has an online store where you can buy them individually or in multi-packs. You can also locate a retailer near you.

Win It!

Phd Pocket Disc has generously offered one random Beautiful Calling winner their very own Phd Pocket Disc which will add excitement and fun to your summer for sure! Become a facebook fan of Pocket Disc today!

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  1. I’ve become a fan on Facebook for Pocket Disc, as well as #’s 4, 6 and 8, who do we appreciate…Pocket Disc! Couldn’t resist! LOL ;D

  2. I do not do facebook so I won’t enter this giveaway, though I do subscribe via email to beautiful calling, but this product looks like a lot of fun! Good luck to you all!

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