BeautifulCall on Twitter


Well, beautifulcall is now on twitter! I took all your emails to heart and joined. Iā€™m still pretty twitter-clueless but learning, so be patient šŸ™‚

It seems easy to join but a little tougher to decipher how to use it. I participated in my first twitter party last night with @UVSkinz! It was fun and full of information.

Iā€™m still not sure how to make tiny links to tweet and sometimes find it a bit confusing but Iā€™m on my way!

Are you on twitter? Any advice for a newbie tweeter?


  1. To shorten your tweets, copy your link into It will keep track of all your shortened links. It should automatically shorten and you can copy N paste into Twitter. There’s another site you can do the same thing, but I don’t know what it is.

    You can also upload photos to and it will post to Twitter.

    If I think of anything else I’ll share with ya.

    You can find me at


  2. So, I meant to leave a comment on your about page but ended up here instead – bear with me please šŸ™‚ Loved reading about how you were “domestically challenged” in the beginning of married life. I am not sure if I will ever be “domestically unchallenged” – my laundry room is not on speaking terms with me and our carpet would up and move to someone else’s house if it could. But like you, I love my kiddos something fierce and we make some wild, wonderful, crazy memories in our little home. So fun to share the journey with others. Thanks for hanging out today!


  3. Hi – thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad to have found you! I’m sort of a Twitter newbie myself – learning as I go!

  4. I just signed up for a twitter accout myself…and am totally clueless on how it works! lol. I found you from fun follow friday, and am now a follower. šŸ˜€ beautiful site. I will definatly have to stop by more

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