A Stay-At-Home Day

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I’ve been busy. Running here and there. This is happening, that to do…the littles feel the change, the tension, the lack of routine and so does mommy.


I long to be in it, to stay in it, to rest and relax. To get caught up on laundry, to whittle down the to-do list.

Today. I. Am. Home.

We’re not going anywhere. Thursday or Friday!

Up, dressed, devotions, happy day dance, breakfast…I’m going to tidy the kitchen, wash the floor {much needed), vacuum, throw on a load of laundry and then







                                       read some stories, play some games and maybe bake some cookies. Maybe we’ll head out to the back yard and read stories on the swing. My littles love to have stories read to them and {most of the time} I love to oblige.

We’re taking it easy today at home. We’re not going anywhere {No, no we aren’t!}.

Things I love Thursday? Home! I love my home!

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