Interesting Links: May 2010 Edition


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Creating and Preserving Life Margins @ Simple Homeschool is a must read. Lots of great ideas and the importance of implementing them!

Learning & Growing though the Seasons of Marriage @ The Well was something I could really relate to. My husband is awesome but at times, I don’t always agree with my husband or feel close to him!

Tots to Teens: Dear Mom @ Totally Tots was the one of the most encouraging things I’ve read lately. I think the Lord gave this to me because it was just what I needed to read!!

Can I Possibly Do it All? @ The Well was a timely reminder for me and maybe you? Mrs. Proverbs 31 accomplished it all – in her lifetime. Each season will look different. We know this {I know this!!} so let’s let some things go!

Want What You Have @ Steady Mom. Contentment: easy to say, hard to do; something we all struggle with!

Icon Finder @ eBabble will be a fantastic help if you’re searching for some great icons to set up your sidebar. There are some nice ones for facebook, twitter, RSS feeds etc.

Every Day Containers @ Dilly Dally was inspiring. I don’t have a lot of crafty talent but even I could make these beautiful useful containers!

Why Won’t He Lead? @ The Well makes me ask myself, “Am I in the way?”

The Model Homeschool @ Simple Homeschool makes me glad that I am reading these kinds of things now. Perhaps it will help me avoid collecting stuff and just “school in the everyday”.

What to do when we don’t know what to do… @ Heart to Heart with Holley

Recapturing the Girl I Used to Be by Kristen @ We are THAT Family encouraged me. Though we may not see immediate results, we serve a big God!

Instilling Biblical Values in Our Children @ Mommy’s Idea Book said, “You can’t count on the world, or even a church in some cases, to teach correct values. Read and study the Bible and pray so you’ll know for yourself what’s right.”

Living Spiritually Single @ The Well reminds us that “your marriage is still blessed by God and two, God has a plan for you within your marriage.”

Curious About Unschooling @ Simple Homeschool was an informative read. When we do start school  think we are going to do a bit of a combination of methods. I love the idea that homeschooling is so flexible!

Learning is Better Together: Fostering Strong Sibling Relationships @ Simple Homeschool had some great ideas that I plan to put into practice.

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